Hi, I'm Mike Tang.
I've been an audiophile since I bought my first Technics SU-V8, Kenwood KD-500 w/SAEC 308N tonearm and the Rogers Studio One speaker in HK in 1981 and have been working in the audio business here in Canada since 2003.
As with you, I find great pleasure in chasing the elusive dragon of ultimate audio. I have had the privilege to have auditioned, sold, serviced and yes, owned some of the most famed components that have been crafted.
Miketangaudio was started not to compete with the well established but to complement, to bring out the best in the best - to fine tune and restore via my turntable services, to create and push the boundaries on classic designs such as my tone arm, to distribute small scale but noteworthy products such as my Carot One and dragon Dot and to source hard to find and worthy to own items such as the famed Western Electric cable from the 1960s.
I invite you to join me in my journey.

Music Make
Every Day Beautiful
  1. Carot One Ernestolo
    Carot One Ernestolo
    Tube headphone power amplifier
  2. Speaker cable
    Speaker cable
    Western Electric
  3. Speaker Cable
    Speaker Cable
    Western Electric
  4. Dragon Dot Phono Maximizer
    Dragon Dot Phono Maximizer
    There is an ancient Chinese legend of the great painter Zhang who painted lifelike dragons. When questioned as to whether they were complete he "dotted their eyes" and they came to life and flew off the canvas. The Dragon Dot is named after this legend - something so small, so simple, can make the difference between lifelike and alive. The concept is that after you have dotted all your "i"s (matching stylus to tone arm to turntable to phono stage) by adding the non-desired resonance absorption of the Dragon Dot your music can truly take flight free of the constraints of micro noise.