If there were such a word, I would be known as an "analoguephile" - not only do I love to listen to recorded music but my unabashed preference is for the magic that comes from a stylus dancing in the grooves of a well pressed vinyl recording.
Undoubtedly digital has its benefits one of which is the convenience of electronics vs the maintenance required of a mechanics based system such as a turntable.
I have found that with the appropriate tuning, balancing, cleaning an analogue system will achieve its highest potential. I am not here to debate taste so I won't say a tune-up will make your turntable better than your streamed content that would be like saying a finely tuned Porsche is better than a Tesla but I would say that it will bring out the best.
Don't just listen to me - hear what others say.
Feel free to contact me at if you would like to discuss what we could do with your turntable.
Please note, with the delicacy of adjustments that are required I must restrict my services to the GTA except in rare circumstances.